liner lou

Acoustic Blues

Release date June 4th, 2019

Produced by Faron Andrei

Mastered by Michael Schau

Album Cover and Photography Christy Fox

Videography and Web Consultant Roxci Bevis


Blues, to me, is a feeling and a groove with a sprinkle of magic.

"Love what you do and just be you!" 

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Wee One is filmed and edited by Roxci Bevis

Recorded and produced by Faron Andrei

Special Thank you to Faron Andrei for all the hours and support recording this album. (RIP 2023)

 Thank you to a whole bunch of Jam hosts and peeps whom continue to support and cheer me on.

 Lastly to my children who grew up listening to me play every day, I love you so very much <3!!!